3D Landscape Design

St. Louis 3D Landscape Design

Taking your vision and making it a reality.

Technological advancements have radically changed nearly every industry, and landscaping is no exception. Here at Visionscape, we embrace new developments when they are a clear improvement over old methods. That is why our St. Louis landscape designs are backed by 3D landscape design software. You give us a budget and tell us your goals, and we create a highly accurate 3D rendering that lets you know exactly what you will be getting before handing over a down payment. 


The 3D Design Difference

Most landscape designers draw out their ideas by hand or via two-dimensional computer renderings. While these designs do perfectly fine at supporting designers in getting from vision to reality, they tend to make it difficult for the client to understand what they are looking at and how it will translate into reality. 

3D computer-generated models use detailed, to-scale reproductions of your home, yard, existing trees and plants, existing hardscaping, and more. Then, the current design is filled in with new elements that help to transform and enhance what already exists. Once complete, you get a highly accurate glimpse into the future, allowing you to evaluate our designs without the confusion of 2D drawings.

The Big Benefits of 3D Landscape Design

Real Photos—Not Illustrations

Nothing against the art of illustration, but when it comes to real-life projects, they just don't offer the realism and accuracy of photograph-based renderings. Save the sketches for your picture books.

Life in 360 Degrees

Unlike 2D sketches, with 3D renderings, you can tilt, pan, and swivel to see what your design looks like from every angle. No need to worry about how something will look from the door vs. across the yard.

Room to Play

With a hand-drawn rendering, adding and removing elements can mean starting over. With 3D landscape design, you can add and remove elements with ease.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Want to share your landscaping plans as an immersive experience? We can turn any walkthrough into a movie. You can then share it with others, get input, and tweak the design.

Do you wish your outdoor spaces were a little more inspiring? With Visionscape, they can be. Schedule your consultation and our St. Louis 3D landscape design will make your dreams a reality. Call us at 314-408-5764 to get started.