St. Louis Hardscaping

Functional elements that enhance your STL-area property.

Hardscaping is an essential component of landscaping, moving beyond the soft elements to add function, aesthetics, and texture to your outdoor spaces. Visionscape offers a full slate of hardscaping services designed to help you truly embrace outdoor living. 


Landscaping vs. Softscaping vs. Hardscaping

Landscaping is an umbrella term that encompasses all elements of outdoor design, pulling together a unified space that is both functional and attractive. This can be broken down into two types of landscaping: softscaping and hardscaping.

Softscaping refers to the living elements of the landscape design—trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, and other plants. In other words, the things you typically think about when talking about landscaping.

Hardscaping refers to the non-living elements that add function and design to your outdoor space. These include:

  • Concrete
  • Rocks
  • Bricks
  • Pavers
  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Glass
  • Plexiglass 
  • Fiberglass

Essentially, if it isn’t alive, it’s hardscaping. If it is, it’s softscaping.

Our Hardscaping Services

Your yard can look beautiful without any hardscaping elements. However, it will be difficult to enjoy. Without hardscaping, you have no solid ground to sit on when the earth is muddy, no patio for enjoying your morning coffee, no well-defined gardens to stroll through. Hardscaping makes outdoor living possible.

With our St. Louis 3D landscape design, we can plan a fun and functional outdoor space for your home that will transform your yard into an oasis. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality. Here are just some of the features we can make for you.

Adding both warmth and ambiance, fireplaces and fire pits are a must for a dynamic outdoor living space. We custom design and create these pieces for St. Louis homeowners, ensuring that the resulting look is perfect for your home. 

You need to be able to navigate your yard without getting dirty or muddy—or ruining your grass. Walkways make it easy to get from one spot to another without issue. We create sidewalks, install stepping stones and pavers, and craft steps to make it easy to get around your yard. 

Inground pools, hot tubs, waterfalls, outdoor showers, fountains, and more—all of these water features can take your property from boring to a resort in your backyard. We custom design every water feature we install, ensuring yours is one of a kind.

While we think of walls as part of the house, they can be included in your landscaping as well. From retaining walls to privacy options to soundproofing versions along the highway, we can create all types of outdoor walls for your home.

You need a comfortable spot to sit and relax outside. At Vison Scapes, we create many different types of seating areas. From patios to pergolas and even gazebos, if you have an idea in mind, we will make it happen. 

If your goal is to truly embrace outdoor living, you have to have an outdoor cooking space. Whether this is a complete outdoor kitchen, simple grilling station, or something in between, your hardscape design isn’t complete without it. 

If it’s time to turn your dreams for outdoor living into a reality, work with Visionscape. Schedule your consultation by calling us at 314-408-5764 to schedule service.