Landscape Design

St. Louis Landscape Design

Crafting stunning outdoor spaces in the STL area.

In St. Louis, having a fun, functional, and attractive outdoor space is essential. And central to this is landscape design. More than simple gardening and lawn care, Visionscape’s landscape design service takes your dreams for your yard and makes them a reality. 


Landscape Design and Your STL Home

Landscaping is equal parts art and science—an eye for design and understanding the function of plants and the local climate. Landscape design is about planning the complete layout of your outdoor space, accounting for all aesthetic and practical components. 

It is essential that every landscape design is fully customized to the needs and expectations of the client. This means designs cannot be recycled. Even if your yard and home have the same layout as your neighbor’s, your goals will be different. Everything from how you plan to use your space to your approach to wildlife will impact the design choices we make. 

As we plan, some of the factors we consider include:

  • Harmony with your home design
  • Balance between landscaping elements
  • Varying proportions
  • Transition between areas and elements

At all stages of planning and execution, we work with you, ensuring that your personal tastes are reflecting in our decisions. 

The Visionscape Approach


During the consulting stage, we will meet with you in person at your home. You get to walk us through your outdoor space, explaining what your vision is and what specific goals you have in mind. From there, we will get into types of plants, colors, hardscaping items, and more. If you have a vision board ready, this is the moment to break it out and help us truly understand what it is you are looking for.


Once we have a genuine understanding of what you are aiming for, we get to work on our designs. The foundation for this begins at the consultation, when we photograph and measure your yard. We then take this data and import it into our 3D landscape design software, allowing us to accurately map out and see what our designs will look like at your home. In most cases, we will create several designs to give you more freedom in your selection.


At this stage, it is all about your approval. You look over our designs, point out the things you love, and let us know what needs to change. Based on your feedback, we tweak our designs and keep doing so until you are thrilled with what is to come. With everything finalized, we give you a precise quote for the job.


This is when things really get fun. On the scheduled date, we head to your home and get to work transforming your outdoor space. Our team makes certain that your project doesn't disturb the rest of your home and that your life isn't disrupted. When everything is done, we get your final approval, correcting anything you feel doesn't work, and then we turn it over to you to enjoy.

Are you ready to turn your yard into your personal oasis? Schedule your consultation with Visionscape. Call us at 314-866-7714 to get started.