Landscape Lighting

St. Louis Landscape Lighting

Bringing safety and beauty to your STL home.

When homeowners think about landscaping, they consider the big items: trees, shrubs, walkways, patios. But what about the lighting?

Landscape lighting is an investment in the beauty, safety, and design of your home. At Visionscape, we offer a wide variety of St. Louis landscape lighting options that do everything from highlight the architectural features of your home to keeping your patio illuminated for late-night entertaining. Let us design and source your outdoor lighting features.


How Landscape Lighting Enhances Your Home

With the right combination and placement of outdoor lights, your yard can become an oasis. From highlighting the stonework on the façade of your home to keeping pathways safe to traverse, there is so much that a little light can do. 

Boosted Curb Appeal

The number-one reason to invest in outdoor lighting is that, when done right, it is beautiful. Most homes still rely on a few motion-activated floodlights, which, while functional, don't do anything for the appearance of your home. With more design-forward options, you can ensure that your house looks great even late at night.

Increased Home Security

One of the biggest things you can do to discourage someone from breaking and entering is shine a little light on them. Thieves like easy targets, and a dark house provides excellent cover. When you keep the outside of your home well lit, you make it an unattractive option for the criminal element.

Better Personal Safety

If you plan to use your outdoor spaces at night, you need to make sure anywhere people will be walking is well lit. Without proper lighting, accidents are sure to happen. Walkways, steps, patios, and other high traffic areas need outdoor lighting solutions.

Extended Daily Use

Without outdoor lighting, your use of your backyard is over once the sun goes down. With the right St. Louis landscape lighting, your yard is suitable for socializing well into the night. There are many different types of lighting that can help illuminate seating and play areas for your outdoor living experience.

Our Approach to Landscape Lighting Design

What parts of your home and yard do you want to highlight? These are your subjects. And keep in mind that these can be pretty much anything you want. Does your home have a beautiful porch you want in the spotlight? Are there some shrubs so perfectly arranged, you want them visible even at night? Whatever stands out to you, we can highlight with our St. Louis landscape lighting solutions. 

Outdoor lighting is surprisingly versatile and has become even more so in recent years. Floodlights, spotlights, and path lights are classics, but there are also outdoor ceiling fans, bistro lights, and even outdoor lamps. Once you know the types of lights you want, you can decide between LED, halogen, or fluorescent options. 

Your lighting placement determines the effects they create. There are a lot of ways effects can be accomplished, from changing colors to variations in brightness. However, the most important to consider, and often the hardest to understand, is the degree spread of the lamp. In other words, how far out to the side and front the light reaches.

With the design in place, it is time to source and install the lights. Depending on how your outdoor electricity is currently set up, this could require more than one day to get ready. At Visionscape, we handle everything from the wiring to the hardware, so there is nothing for you to worry about. 

Are you looking to brighten up your outdoor spaces? Visionscape is ready to help you with everything from design to implementation. Call us at 314-408-5764 to schedule your consultation.