St. Louis Landscaping

Perfecting outdoor spaces throughout the STL area.

No matter how lovely your home is, it’s instantly downgraded when your curb appeal is lacking. At Visionscape, we understand how important your outdoor spaces are to your enjoyment of and pride in your home. Our STL landscaping service helps keep all your softscape and hardscape elements looking and functioning their best. 


The Visionscape Approach

Your Time Is Yours

As it should be. Professional landscaping takes on all those tasks that would typically steal your weekends from April through October. This is especially true if you have a large property or one with a lot of landscaping and hardscaping elements.

You Skip the Injuries

Lawncare is often called back-breaking work. If landscaping isn't your profession and passion, this is a pretty accurate description. Without the right equipment and training, at some point, you are going to pull a muscle, hurt your joints, or end up with a pretty nasty cut. Outsourcing it prevents injuries.

You Get High-Level Care

Professional landscapers don't stop at trimming the lawn. They go the extra mile to ensure your yard and other outdoor spaces look their absolute best. From shaping the shrubs to power washing the sidewalk, they make your home shine.

You Enjoy Consistency

You can schedule our St. Louis landscaping service on a rolling schedule, ensuring that your yard never gets the chance to get messy. We offer different schedules for different seasons, reflecting typically growing patterns and needs.

How Vision Improves Your Home

At Visionscape, we offer STL residents a full slate of landscaping services, covering both softscape and hardscape elements. You can choose to schedule a single service, a complete yard makeover, or ongoing assistance to maintain your outdoor space. 

Whether your yard is a blank canvas or you are looking for an update, our full landscape and design service can help you achieve your goals. With our 3D landscape design software, we can plan all natural and hardscaping elements on your property, factoring in everything from the shape of your home to the blooming periods of your flowers.

With the right mulch, you can improve your curb appeal while also helping your plants live healthier, longer lives. Our mulching service tailors the type and color of mulch we use to your needs and ensures the right amount is placed in your flower and plant beds and around your trees. When we place the mulch, we eliminate weed, debris, and older mulch first. 

Maybe your property is too large to handle on your own, or maybe you just want to reclaim your weekends throughout the spring, summer, and early fall. No matter your reasons, our landscaping team is happy to take over your lawnmowing. Schedule one-time service or regular maintenance, depending on your needs. 

If your lawn is looking less than its best, one possible solution is aeration. With this treatment, holes are made in the topsoil, allowing water and nutrients to reach deeper to the roots of your grass. In most cases, aeration is done in the spring or fall to help ensure the health of your grass or to make overseeding easier.

During the warmer months, you want the freedom to head outside and enjoy spending time in your yard. However, this requires some seasonal cleanup. Whether you need to eliminate fall leaves or winter debris, we offer the cleanup services you need to relax rather than worry about completing your outdoor chores.

If your home seems to have lost its shine, chances are the solution is simple: power washing. With this service, we can eliminate dirt and grime from many of your outdoor surfaces, including your walkways, siding, and patio. Once done, you’ll be amazed at just what a difference there is.

There are a lot of little lawn care tasks that, when you add them up, can be pretty overwhelming to take on yourself. Our general maintenance service wraps these up into a nice little package, helping you enjoy your home without losing time to chores. Including in this service are:

  • Weed removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Shrub trimming
  • Pruning flowering plants

If you are ready to turn over your lawncare tasks to the professionals, Visionscape is your STL landscaping company. Call us at 314-408-5764 to schedule service.